about my work

  • “Emmanuele expresses a vision of art as an interpreter of change, extremely interesting also to communicate to the contemporary consumer the ability of brands and companies to be interpreters in turn”.

    M. Carraro President Morellato Group

  • “It is always very interesting to hear the new projects that Emmanuele develops”.

    G. Dalle Mese President and CEO Montebello Italia S.p.A.

  • “Emmanuele’s work, thanks to his capriciousness, conviction and determination, transmits serenity into an increasingly frantic society”.

    T. De Poli President Il Corriere S.r.l.

  • “With talent, creative spirit and enthusiasm, Emmanuele can interpret the corporate know-how, enhance it through the language of art and search for new forms of expression”.

    G. Dubbini President Diemme S.p.A.

  • “It was an honor to have collaborated with Emmanuele, innovative communicator and excellence of visual art Made in Italy”.

    G. Griggio AD SapiSelco S.r.l.

  • “Art, to be defined it, must express beauty, the pinnacle of beauty always reaches nature, in Emmanuels’s work I always see this aspiration”.

    M. Losio CEO Technogel Group

  • “Land Art can be a vague and even worn definition, in Emmanuele’s work the combination of creativity and landscape or urban context becomes a true experience”.

    P. Possamai Chief Editor il mattino di Padova

  • “Emmanuele knows how to create extraordinary moments of art in everyday life”.

    P. Tramonti Founder and AD Bios Line S.p.A.

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