Art Collection 2018 is an exclusive Limited Edition series of 6 coffee cans. Each tin has been personalized with a famous artwork by the artist Emmanuele Panzarini: multicolor balloons, blue umbrellas and fluo wool yarns, for example, artistically interact with the different colors of the save freshness can covers.

The cans contain rare 100% ground coffee blend of excellent origins, carefully selected and roasted.


Below reported the artworks and the companies involved:

artwork BALLOON MESSAGES for Hotel Terme Venezia

artwork LINES for ISUZU Italia

artwork MARE NOSTRUM for Antenore Energia

artwork OUT-LIGHT for 3ndy Studio and G.S.E. Servizi

artwork WAVES for Jampaa

artwork WHITE CLOUD for SapiSelco and NodoDesignLab


A sincere thanks to all the Companies that have decided to take part of the project, thus supporting Contemporary Art.