“With talent, creative spirit and enthusiasm, Emmanuele can interpret the corporate know-how, enhance it through the language of art and search for new forms of expression”.

Giannandrea Dubbini President Diemme S.p.A.


The artwork AROUND was born after the artist’s reflection on the coffee world, in particular on the different origins and places of cultivation.

The tittle of the installation was an invitation for the visitor to walk around the sculpture, a discovery path, developed on the contrasts between exterior and interior, container and content, monochrome and polychrome. Inside the work in fact, there were 4 photographs each with their own dominant color: flower/white, plantation/green, berry/red and grain/brown.


AROUND final video | duration 01:03


drove view


AROUND work in progress video | duration 01:01


photography support by Matteo Danesin