“In composing new spaces, Emmanuele has managed to reach a balance of artistic horizons that, mixing nature, technique and humanity, dissolve into new creative harmonies, stimulating emotions and reflections in us beyond the obvious fugacity and imagination”.

Mario Sarti President Banca Annia


In the exercise of its activity Banca Annia is inspired by the cooperative principles of mutuality, through an indissoluble link with the Territory in which it operates, pursuing a management style aimed at combining the business of the credit company, with an action to assist the development of the real economy of families and small businesses, with social mutual activity, aimed at producing utility and advantages, in social and cultural nature, for the benefit of the whole community.

Within this framework of values has been accepted with pleasure the commitment to support and enhance the original work, the different perspectives, the talent and the artistic passion of Emmanuele Panzarini in the presentation of his innovative creative project of visual artist.


ART MONOGRAPH video | duration 01:07


Andrea Binello General Manager Generale and Mario Sarti President Banca Annia


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