An exclusive collection, in limited edition, born from the encounter between the visual artist Emmanuele Panzarini and master pasta maker Raimondo Mendolia, the idea of combining two excellences and symbol of Made in Italy: art and pasta.

Each pack of pasta is dressed in 5 different colored patterns combined with the graphic icons that represent the artist’s poetry. Uno.61 is a pasta made from a selection of Italian durum wheat, hand-crafted and drawn in gold, long-dried at low temperatures to guarantee a rough and porous surface.



“Biasetto per Pellestrina”: una cena e un’edizione limitata per soccorrere l’isola PadovaOggi > link


Biasetto per Pellestrina charity dinner December 05, 2019.

Matteo Tosatto, Luigi Biasetto, Sandra Gardin, Raimondo Mendolia, Emmanuele Panzarini and Federico Menetto