The #EsperiaforArt project is first case in Italy of synergy between Art and the transport world of combined road-rail. The Initiative is the result of the collaboration between my artistic activity and Esperia Multimodal Group, nationally renowned intermodal company with offices in Veneto, Puglia, Campania, Calabria and Sicily.

The project consists in the customization of the tarpaulins on 10 semi-trailers with the images of my art installations, every truck with a different artwork, on a 14×3 meter surface.


#EsperiaforArt work in progress video | durata 01:17


il mattino di Padova, 18 Settembre 2017 > leggi l’articolo


7 Gold, 7 in punto > intervista video | durata 32:00


“I draw what I’d like to do when I grow up.”


related artwork > PRESERVE GREEN 2015

related artwork > BUTTERFLIES 2016

related artwork > LOST TREASURES 2017

related artwork > LAND CODE 2015

related artwork > NEW LAND 2014

related artwork > MARE NOSTRUM 2015


photography support by Matteo Danesin