FLYING AWAY represents a metaphor: zoomorphic elements glide in an uncultivated field to bring new light, creating relationships and comparison on the territory. The installation thus becomes the occasion to remind us of the importance of a community, where sharing and collaboration are central elements.

A game of shapes and colors, in which only in the evening the elements come to life, standing out in the shadows. A tangible representation of how a group of people linked to a project, maintain their own personality (the colors of the evening) in a unitary context (the white of day).

The artwork was created for the Giostra dei Talenti, an annual event organized by the Alter Vigo Association whose main objective is to create occasions for meeting and collective collaboration around culture in forms that are as fun and engaging as possible.

It remains to be discovered in what next city the creative flock will decide to stop.

Thanks to a Elbi S.p.A. and Alì S.p.A.



PadovaOggi | October 17th, Italy > link

il mattino di Padova | October 16th, Italy > link




From December 5th to 10 January 10th, 2020 the artwork was exhibited at the Hotel Terme Venezia in Abano Terme (PD).




photography support by Mauro Scattolini